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    At about 21:30 there was an AK hand that was 3 ways and a c-bet was launched. I like this c-bet because (1) The board was super dry and (2) because it was a 3 handed flop so you are knocking players off a lot of random hands as well as small pairs. That said, I have been trying to find spots where AK does not pair that are good check spots. The logic to the check, to my understanding, are that (1) the AK retains a lot of showdown value. (2)You are leaving them a bluffing range to pick off, and (3) you are forcing the opponent to bet their own hand if they do indeed have you beat.

    That said, is their any good rules of thumb for checking verses betting when an AK misses, and what things should players watch for in regards to checking or betting with a naked AK on the flop/turn?

    At about 29:50 Toe spends time describing good bluff cards when he holds As5s with a 9d 5h Qs flop. I don’t understand why Toe wouldn’t bet turn here on %100 of turns except maybe a 3rd 5 in which case he may want do try to draw the river bluff. I think a lot of players will get off the 9 on the turn bet. He has the Q such a low amount of the time that I can’t see fearing it on the turn.

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