God’s Big Toe Poker, LLC – Contract Agreement / Terms of Service

What do you get and benefits of signing with God’s Big Toe Poker Coaching (some or all may apply):

  • Unlimited access to our video library.  These videos range from concept videos to HH reviews of other students, to classroom/software teaching videos.
  • Hand History reviews
  • Strict and profitable bankroll management guidelines
  • Easy access to our coaches.
  • Joining a Skype chat group of God’s Big Toe Poker
  • Assistance in setting up, and correctly using, various forms of poker software
  • The benefit of knowing that if you don’t profit, then God’s Big Toe Poker is giving you our services at an exceptionally low cost.
  • Access to Private Team Toe forums on godsbigtoepoker.com / www.godsbigtoe.com
  • Opportunity to purchase Team Toe gear

Team Toe Terms Of Service:

  1. Players will play the stakes and types of games that are chosen by God’s Big Toe Poker, and may not play anything different or move up from these stakes or games until told to do so, or it has been discussed with our coaches in advance. The reason for this is twofold. First, this is to ensure that you use proper bankroll management so that you won’t go bust. Secondly, you must prove that you can beat the lower stakes games first over a large sample size. One of the worst excuses in poker is that the low level games are tough to beat because the players call and play very loose. This is a good thing for us! TRUST ME, if you can’t crush these low level stakes you can’t beat any stakes! (We make plenty of exceptions for this). We just want to make sure you are exercising decent bankroll management and not busting your bankroll constantly. We want you to be playing at the highest levels you can win at, and is still comfortable to your bankroll.
  2. If you do not win then there is a small monthly fee of $50. At the start of each month, God’s Big Toe Poker will receive X percentage of your monthly profits from the previous month. This payment is to be received on the 7th day of each month, unless an arrangement has been made PRIOR TO THAT DATE with God’s Big Toe Poker. Payments are to be made through Paypal, and instructions are listed below in regards to sending the funds.

How to send funds for profit splits and/or fees

  • Log into Paypal
  • Click “Send Money”
  • Send to the following email address: godsbigtoe@yahoo.com
  • Mark “goods and services”. The fees will then be on our end and not yours
  • It is possible that we will move toward other payment methods in the future. Some of these may include Google wallet, credit card processing or automatic payments from bank accounts. If we do eventually go to automatic debits / recurring payments, then this would simply be for the monthly fee only, as we would not be able to determine the profit split in advance. Then the remainder of the profit splits would still be due by the 7th day of the month for the money earned for the previous month.


These are our membership packages that are available to you:

  1. Month to Month: 35 percent profit splits
  2. Bronze: 250 games / 30 percent profit splits
  3. Silver: 500 games / 25 percent profit splits
  4. Gold: 750 games / 20 percent profit splits
  5. Platinum: 1000 games / 15 percent profit splits

*God’s Big Toe Poker does offer incentives for bringing on new Team Toe members that stay with the team for at least 3 months. For every member that joins based on a referral and meets the minimum tenure requirements, we will reduce the profit split by 1 percent down to a minimum of 10 percent profit splits

If your profit splits that you are sending God’s Big Toe Poker for a month do not total at least $50, then a $50 fee will be collected for that particular month. If this is the case, then this $50 fee would be due on the 7th day of the following month, just the same as the profit splits would be. The first month’s $50 minimum payment is due in advance. If at the end of the first month there is profit split due, the remainder of your payment is to be received by the 7th day of each month.

  1. Players who select a Bronze, Silver or Platinum membership are required to play under their respective agreement until the required number of games are played from the day you start.  Sharkscope.com will be used to track your number of games.  Screenshots, documentation, OPR, or other methods of tracking may be used as well, and you will be guided through that process at the end of your first month.  Reentry tournaments count as one game/tournament, regardless of how many times it was “re-entered”.
  2. The profit splits above apply to all games played online (regardless of site), and any live tournament that a player satellites into by playing, winning, or buying online. If a player buys into a live event directly, he/she retains the right to keep all profits from that event.  If a player satellites into a live event by playing online, then the same profit split would apply to that live event as well.
  3. Avoid Cash games and Sit no Go’s unless instructed to do so by your coach. You should be aware of this from Rule # 1 anyway.  Sit and go’s DO NOT count toward your game total.  Neither cash games nor sit n go’s may be reported on your monthly profit splits as positive or negative income toward your profit splits.
  4. Players agree to be the only ones watching the videos from godsbigtoepoker.com, godsbigtoe.com or God’s Big Toe Poker. Players may also not share other software, resources, or other teaching information belonging to godsbigtoepoker.com, godsbigtoe.com or God’s Big Toe Poker with others without the consent of God’s Big Toe Poker.  Hand history reviews are also to remain between the player and the coach, with the exception of discussing them with fellow students of God’s Big Toe Poker.
  5. Players who select a Bronze, Silver or Platinum membership may not terminate agreement until the required number of games (see # 2) has been played. God’s Big Toe Poker may terminate the agreement at any time.  If your contract is terminated, then you will be notified via email, Skype, or another contact method.
  6. Probably the most important rule/guideline of all: Remember, our job is to teach you how to improve at poker.   Your job is to work hard, learn, ask questions, and have a great work ethic.  There is absolutely no way that I can stress rule # 10 enough.  This is a professional relationship that we are engaging in.  There is no time for hurt feelings, poor work ethics, and general disregard for learning.
  7. It is the student’s responsibility to be organized, meet deadlines for profit splits, and in general be professional. You will also need to follow a procedure for profit splits, as we have a specific form that those are submitted on, along with screen shots. It is your responsibility to contact a coach or administrator prior to doing your first month worth of profit splits to become familiar with this process.
  8. You are expected to behave professionally on and off the tables. This includes not harassing or talking poorly to other players in the chat box, and just in general representing yourself, your teammates, and God’s Big Toe Poker with class and professionalism.

Other pieces of information that you need to know/be aware of:

  • God’s Big Toe Poker does not stake any players at this time.
  • You will need to have Skype and a headset
  • Holdem Manager / Poker Tracker is suggested, but not required
  • You will need to create a folder on your desktop titled “my hand histories”
  • Not a great deal of experience is necessary; however we are looking for candidates that want to make a consistent, regular income from poker.
  • Specifically, we are looking for players with an exceptional work ethic and are willing to invest time and effort into improving their games.
  • Complaints about bad beats are not acceptable here at God’s Big Toe Poker. You will learn to give more bad beats than you receive, and not to be results oriented.
  • Players should promote God’s Big Toe Poker in the poker community by way of social media if applicable.


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